About HCCS

As the first new school in the Rockford Diocese to open in over 30 years, Holy Cross Catholic School, Batavia, IL, has provided academically challenging, faith-based education to over 700 students since 2008. HCCS is a Catholic educational community, preparing students academically, spiritually, and morally for the opportunities and responsibilities of the future. Holy Cross educates students beyond the fundamentals focusing on the significance of individualized learning, cooperation, responsibility, respect, and service to others.


Holy Cross Catholic Grade School — Preschool through 8th Grade
We keep faith central to every aspect of our students’ education while meeting their unique intellectual and social needs at every stage of their lives. Academically, our instructional strategies integrate technology into the classroom. The curriculum is more departmentalized, with experienced teachers who offer a higher level of expertise in their fields. There is a greater emphasis on 21st century learning, such as critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration.

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2016-2017 School Calendar

Ultimately, our objective is to not only produce highly educated, driven students but also young adults who will change this world through their daily interactions with others.

Father James Parker

Pastor, Holy Cross Catholic Church & School

Call: 630.593.5290
Email: hccs@holycross-batavia.org
Visit: 2300 Main Street, Batavia, IL 60510